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Why Hire Crates?

Why Hire Crates?

30 May, 2013

Plastic crates are over taking cardboard boxes in the world of removals and can solve your packing needs. Hiring crates has many benefits over cardboard boxes, here’s a few reasons why you should consider hiring plastic crates instead of purchasing cardboard boxes:

Cost: One of the most obvious reasons for choosing to hire reusable plastic crates is due to their cost advantages. Whilst purchasing crates can be costly, hiring them is very reasonable and we even deliver and collect ensuring complete ease of use.

Convenience: Reusable plastic crates are a lot more convenient than traditional cardboard boxes to store and transport your items. Plastic crates come in a variety of sizes which are easier and safter to stack whilst their sturdy construction and integrated lids eliminate the risk of the bottoms collapsing or the contents spilling out whilst in transit.

Purposely Designed: Reusable plastic crates come in a range of different sizes and have been designed with their use in mind. For example a Computer Lidded Crate has been specifically designed to house all your IT peripherals. This ensures that the items you are transporting are safer in comparison to using cardboard boxes.

Environmental factors: By choosing to hire reusable plastic crates instead of either buying them or using cardboard boxes, has a number of advantages for the environment too. The first is that no deforestation is required to make the durable plastic crates. Secondly, as the crates are hired and used time and time again by a number of different firms or individuals, this is much better for the environment too.

Flexibility: Hiring plastic crates offers a level of flexibility that is very attractive to consumers who are running projects or in the process of a removal or refurbishment. You can not only alter the length of time that you use and store the crates for but you can also alter the quantity and sizes of crate that you need on a job by job basis. This means that you eliminate the cost of purchasing crates which are only used once or twice.

With so many advantages to hiring reusable plastic crates, you’ll be surprised that you haven’t done it before.

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