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Reusable Plastic Crates for Post-Summer Storage

02 October, 2012

Welcome to September.  Although at EasyCrate we welcome autumn with open arms, we’re afraid to see the back of the summer season. Warm temperatures have been replaced by a nip in the air and it’s no longer possible to leave the house without some form of sweater or light jacket in hand.  It’s therefore time to switch from your high-summer wardrobe of shorts and swimsuits to your transitional wardrobe which will incorporate jumpers, boots and winter woollies.

There are a range of options for putting your summer clothing into storage for the next year – you can pack them away in boxes, suitcases, vacuum bags or bin bags and store them away in cupboards, the attic, the garage or the basement. However if you want to see your clothes in good condition next year, none of these options are recommended. Boxes and suitcases can let in insects such as moths which can eat away at your clothes whilst both options may also leave you clothing susceptible to mould if they get damp whilst in storage. Vacuum bags won’t let your clothes air and may permanently crease some fabrics whilst bin bags can cause staining on your clothing due to the chemicals used in their production.

To ensure that your clothing comes out of storage ready to wear next summer, we recommend thoroughly cleaning them, rolling them and putting them in our reusable plastic crates. These are durable, feature integrated lids to make them suitable for stacking and are watertight.

At EasyCrate we offer rental crates or crates which can be purchased depending on your needs. For more information or a quote, please contact us.

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