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Rental Crates for Back to School Storage

28 August, 2012

With August drawing to a close, you will be able to sigh with relief that the school holidays are almost over and your children will shortly be returning to school.  You will probably find that you have stock piled an abundance of entertainment tools such as board games, DVDs, computer games, art supplies, reading books and more. When your children return to school, they will probably not have time to enjoy all of these until the next school holidays so it leaves the dilemma of what to do with them.

If you leave them in your home, they will take up valuable cupboard space and be a constant temptation to your children when they are supposed to be doing homework. The solution is to hire some reusable plastic crates. These can be used to store all you unused items and the crates stacked neatly away in your shed, garage or attic until the next school holidays. You can even take the rental crates to a self-storage facility with you to free up even more room in your home if required.
At EasyCrate we offer a range of different sized crates, all of which are stackable thanks to the integrated lids. To find out how much it costs to rent our crates, please contact us.

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