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How to Effectively Label Packing Crates

03 October, 2012

When you’re using reusable plastic crates to move house, it pays to be organised. This week we’d like to share with you some handy tips for labelling your items. Here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Use professional labels – from experience, we’ve found that there is no substitute for using professional labels when moving house. Make shift labels using paper and sticky tape may seem like the cheaper option but when they fall off in transit leaving you baffled as to where a box needs to go and what’s in it, you’ll regret not investing the few extra pence for proper labels.
  2. Use coloured labels – if you assign a particular coloured label to a certain room, you will easily be able to see where the box or plastic crate needs to go in your new home without having to stop and read words, especially if it involves deciphering someone else’s handwriting.
  3. Use detail – although you may be tempted to simply write ‘kitchen’ or ‘kitchen items’ on a label for a moving crate or box, it’s actually more effective to list the contents of the box such as ‘serving dishes, wine glasses, tumblers’ as this will help you prioritise your boxes when it comes to unpacking.

At EasyCrate we not only offer affordable crate hire but can also provide you with a range of professional labels too.

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