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News archives 04 2012

Our Crates are Waterproof unlike boxes

30 April, 2012

In the rainy season, waterproof goods including containers are a sensible choice. As a designer, delivering works to publishers and clients is probably part of your daily routine. It’s not wise...

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Choose the Safe Option for Your Items

26 April, 2012

There are a lot of hilly roads and sharp slopes on Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. If you need to transport fragile, delicate items or foodstuff to areas that are built on steep...

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Helpful Services When You Need Them

23 April, 2012

You may not need to use a secure roll cage for moving fragile and protective items for your office everyday. Yet you may be caught out one day, when you have IT items to move at short notice...

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A Greener Option

18 April, 2012

When asking which is greener – plastic or paper, many people would say it’s the latter. It’s understandable, as paper products are generally seen as more environmental friendly. However, when it...

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