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Why hire crates?

Plastic packing boxes or crates, as they are more commonly known, are becoming increasingly popular as the more efficient, 'greener' and cost effective alternative to cardboard boxes. Here are some of the reasons more people are turning to crates:

  • Plastic hire crates create less landfill and can also be reused and recycled, making them very environmentally friendly
  • Our plastic crates are naturally weatherproof
  • Our plastic packing boxes can be sealed for securely transporting high value items
  • Our crates are stronger than cardboard, protecting fragile items far more effectively
  • Our plastic crates can be stacked for easy movement in small spaces

Our crate hire solutions make these benefits even more accessible to you because:

  • Hiring crates is more cost effective than cardboard boxes
  • Crate hire offers you all the benefit of crates without having to incur the purchasing or storage costs yourself
  • Easycrate offers delivery and collection services direct to your door
  • You can hire the crates for as long as you need them
  • We offer the full range of packing items and moving equipment to make your move completely hassle free

To learn more about how easy packing a crate can be, why not take a look at our crate hire videos?

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