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The crate rental specialists

Easycrate H.K. are crate hire and moving equipment specialists serving the Hong Kong area. Once you have selected your crates we will then deliver them direct to your doorstep with as little as 1 day’s notice, and pick them up from a location of your choice when you no longer require them.

Whether you are relocating or refurbishing your offices or simply need a storage solution for your possessions, crate rental is the answer.

Crates - The Green Option

Hiring crates from Easycrate makes sense for the environment. Plastic crates are far more reusable and durable than cardboard boxes.

Apartment Pack
Special offer - $750

  • 20 x Standard Lidded Crates
  • 1 x Computer Crate
  • 1 x Sack Barrow
  • 42 x Seals FREE
  • 21 x Labels FREE

















































































































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Videos of our crates

Learn more about our the benefits of crates over cardboard boxes by watching our videos.